The Outs

Sometimes you just have to call something out for what it is and The Outs quite simply is pretty fucking amazing and I’m not one to use fucking lightly. Above is my favorite episode so far, the aptly named Moon River (episode 3from Adam Goldman’s and story partner Sasha Winters’s brilliantly done online web series. First of all, you can’t really find anything like this out there, which is what prompted its creation in the first place. Sure, we’ve got Cam and Mitchell from Modern Family who are amazing, but this has such an honest relatable feel for gay twenty-somethings trying to figure out their lives and relationships with varying complications. If you haven’t checked it out yet, your missing something great. If you want to start from the beginning click here for State of the Union (episode 1). 

Hunter Canning and Tommy Heleringer

Hunter Canning (Jack) and Tommy Heleringer (Scruffy) in The Outs (Whiskey Dick)

Hunter Canning and Adam Goldman

Hunter Canning (Jack) and Adam Goldman (Mitchell) in The Outs (Fun Party)


Under Your Spell

by Desire
album Drive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Under Your Spell by Desire. For a song whose lyrics focus on obsession, I guess it shouldn’t be ironic that I find myself fixated on its hypnotic sound. Ever since I watched Drive months ago I keep coming back to this song all the time from midnight listening sessions to daytime delectation. The sense of longing in this song is really palpable, such as though it has completely rendered its subject into a state of powerlessness. The drums move like a heartbeat accelerating fast across a curving coastline serving up a mixture of anxiety and exhilaration that culminates into a sort of euphoria… that or maybe I’m just under your spell.


Purity Ring - Fineshrine from Young Replicant on Vimeo.

Fineshrine by Purity Ring. Wow, I’m really caught up with this song and it has become quite the staple in my daily lineup, specifically my iTunes playlist aptly named On the Currents. My first introduction to Purity Ring was the track Obedear back in April and I’ve really taken a liking to their sound. Crawlersout is also another one of my favorites off their album and it’s definitely worth a complete listen.


Andrew Rannells 

Okay, so I stumbled upon’s Side by Side with Susan Blackwell series on YouTube and it yields some of the most funny, awkward, amazing stuff. I’ve watched most of them now and although this one lacks Susan’s trademark “lick of admiration and approval” it does have Andrew’s gem of an impersonation and commentary. Skip ahead to the 4 min 17 sec mark on the video to get to the Toddlers and Tiaras impersonation part, if you want (I tried to use the embed start time feature but Tumblr wasn’t having it). He’s pretty funny and charming and although I’ll probably never get to see The Book of Mormon I’m definitely looking forward to his new role on The New Normal this fall.



by Atlas Genius
album Through The Glass EP

Backseat by Atlas Genius. Heard it on Alt Nation/SiriusXM during work this week and it’s been on heavy rotation across all my devices ever since. Can’t wait till the EP comes out on June 12th, which I will definitely be picking up. I’ve been a fan ever since they released Trojans and I’m looking forward to hearing more of their sound. Great way to start off Memorial Day weekend here in the US. Be sure to check them out if you like it.

Five Dances

All I can say is that from the very first look at this teaser, the film quietly took hold and drew me into it. Like an embrace among passing acquaintances heading towards good friendship, it sort of pulls you into its path ever so slightly reveling the beauty of its own nature as you seek to become more familiar. First of all, I’ve always had an affinity and deep admiration for dancers and how they use their bodies to speak and communicate such things that cannot merely be said as words, but rather through expressive movement that can be transcendent and something greater than the sum of its parts.

This film feels so honest to me and I was struck by how nuanced its presentation was that it caught me off guard at first. It’s got Ryan Steele from Disney’s broadway production of Newsies as one of the lead dancers along with Jarrah Gurrie serving as editor on the film. A couple of years ago I stumbled across a director’s reel of Jarrah Gurrie set to M83 on YT that was truly unique and wonderful, which lead me to watching some of his amazing breathtaking shorts. These things coupled with the narrative of the film itself made it a must for me to help contribute and marks my first ever backing on Kickstarter. 

I can’t wait to see the final product and if you’re drawn in as I was check out their project page below.

(via Kickstarter - “Five Dances”, a feature film by Alan Brown)

Jarrah Gurrie - 2011 Director’s Reel via YouTube


Booklist: The Fault in Our Stars

It’s hard to put into to words how I felt overall after I was finished reading John Green’s wonderfully written The Fault in Our Stars. The story itself centers around two young teens with cancer. Hazel Grace Lancaster is the narrator of the story and the object of her eventual affection is the affable Augustus Waters. Hazel suffers from a terminal form of thyroid cancer that has severally damaged her lungs to the point of requiring the use of an oxygen tank to help her breathe. While attending a support group she meets newcomer Augustus who has joined the group to support their mutual friend Isaac. Prior to his arrival in the group, Augustus lost a leg to a malignant bone tumor and the story begins from there.

While cancer and its “side effects” on its characters is a central theme of the book, it is not so much a book about cancer as it is a book about the big questions of the universe and desire from all of us to find answers and meaning from it. I love the way in which Hazel and Augustus handle the circumstances of their situation with such humor and witty sarcasm. The book is filled with passages and skillfully arranged prose that will alight your face with the widest of grins and give rise to easy laughter as you progress through its pages. While this works in making Hazel and Augustus easy to like and connect with as characters, it is ultimately the honest truths they reveal to each other and the reader that make us fall in love with them.

It’s been awhile since I have read something so honest and affecting that I can only really describe it by quoting Augustus from the book:

"That’s the thing about pain," Augustus said, and then glanced back at me. "It demands to be felt."

And indeed, it does. But, luckily for us love does as well and I found a whole lot to love about The Fault in Our Stars.

Book via Amazon


Lying alone in the dark with Nate I feel as if I’ve only traded in one form of loneliness for another. An empty kind for one that enriches. Nate Orton isn’t who I thought he was. But none of us are. We can never be how others imagine us.

from The Fall: A Novel by Ryan Quinn